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Bucketz Ride is a multiplayer game for all ages with its fresh and addictive gameplay style, healthy dose of sitcom style humor and beautiful hand drawn animations.

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Compete with friends and players around the world as you embark on a new epic adventure that will take you through treacherous oceans, bustling city scapes and to the farthest edges of the universe in search of the truth

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Meet the Nine! The most unlikely gang of heroes ever assembled for a video game with personalities as varied and clashing as their colors.


  • Absolutely Free to Play! IAPs are totally optional for the "are we there yet" crowd!
  • A multiplayer experience like no other. Challenge your Game Center and Facebook friends.
  • Full Retina Hand-drawn thousands of frames of animation
  • Literally Billions of handcrafted game play templates to hinder you on the way!
  • Cameo appearances from Bosses from the original game and Minions teaming up with them!
  • Upgrade your Ride and everything else to beat the odds on your epic cruise to the Big Secret
  • Earn numerous accomplishments, level up your characters and increase bonuses!
  • Full Original Soundtrack by Rahman Altin, Los Angeles
All iOS devices
with the Exception of iPod touch 3rd Generation 8 GB, iPhone 3G and Older devices.
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